The ironguides 8-week Sprint Triathlon Training Manual provides all the information you need to successfully prepare for your next Sprint Triathlon. It’s effective, efficient, safe and fun. Based on The Method, a sophisticated yet simple way of training high-performing athletes developed in more than two decades, this plan will give you all you need to be ready physically and mentally for your next challenge. Need more information? Watch the video about this service:

Goal: Sprint Triathlon

Great for

All Levels

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750m 20km 5km

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4-6h week


Para atletas que conseguem:
Using any stroke non stop
30 min
Without stopping
15 min jog
Easy jog without stopping

45 USD

6-10h week


Para atletas que conseguem:
100 m
Using any stroke non stop
45 min
Without stopping
30 min jog
Easy jog without stopping

45 USD

7-11h week


Para atletas que conseguem:
750 m
Complete a sprint triathlon in
20 k
Men sub 1h08
5 k
Women sub 1h15

45 USD

I participated in my first short triathlon with great results; I finished fourth. And in my second short triathlon I finished sixth. I had wanted to improve my results but the competition was very strong. I am very grateful for ironguides to get my objective. I will keep the same guide for the next year to improve my results.
– Marcio de Almeida, ironguides Athlete, November 2011

What comes with it

  • Day-by-day training instructions

  • Instructions for proper rest and rest days

  • Instructions for plan adaptation

  • Periodization for 100% readiness on race day

  • Core stability exercises

  • Muscle regeneration exercises and techniques

  • Access to the ironguides forum for support & eKick newsletter

  • Nutrition & diet guidelines for optimal performance

  • Strategies for coping with race anxiety

  • Discounts and special deals with ironguides partners

  • Extra training week for Post-Race recovery

  • Training Intensities description

Get a coach with your training plan for only an extra $20 USD per week!

(6-Week Accelerated Training Manual + Weekly coaching access)

  • Weekly email answering all your questions

  • Skip or repeat training phases suited for your fitness level

  • Training order adjustments when the plan doesn’t fit your schedule

  • Interruption adjustments due to racing or personal commitments

  • Personal advice on training, nutrition, recovery and taper

  • Training tailored to race conditions & goals

Beginners Accelerated plan

170 USD

Intermediate Accelerated plan

170 USD

Advanced Accelerated plan

170 USD


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